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HITLAB uses its own patented technology to create unique experiences for consumers through music


Our Mission

HITLAB’s mission is to create innovative tools that nurture the connections between brands and their consumers through music. We aim at making talent discovery and fans engagement as intelligent and efficient as possible.


Our Partners

HITLAB has developed longterm partnerships throughout the years, including Akon, the Grammy Awards and the Boston Red Sox.


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Our Impact

HITLAB is a digital media & entertainment company that is revolutionizing the way cultural content is discovered, produced, and consumed. We use our technology to engage consumers and create strong interactions between consumers and brands. We have well-established global relationships with creative professionals, record companies, publishers, executives, producers, managers and digital platforms. 






What We Do

LICENSING & WHITE LABEL :  All of our software and mobile applications can be white-labeled and or licensed to brands for their own specific purposes



The Hitlab Music Digital Nuance Analysis (DNA) tool is a patented technology that can predict the success potential of new unknown song. DNA uses this historical database of millions of successful and unsuccessful songs to identify the common sound patterns present in the successful songs of each genre. DNA can also be used as a guide for Music production or an artificially intelligent recommendation engine. DNA is the perfect tool for Artists, Producers and Record Labels.



Fanlab is a fan engagement platform that creates a direct link between brands and their fans in an organic and fun way. Fanlab users earn points for every action they complete in the support of their favourite brands. As fans accumulate points, they have the opportunity to use those points to make purchases and win major prizes. Fanlab empowers brands to engage supporters, gain a deeper understanding of behaviour, and subsequently increase consumption. 


Can-U-Sing is a mobile application whereby a user sings into their mobile phone over an instrumental backing track. Using Hitlab’s patent pending advanced vocal analysis technology Can-U-Sing scores the performance by comparing the user’s recording to the original vocals of the song. The innovative technology used in Can-U-Sing makes it a fantastic audition tool for singing competitions, eliminating the need for costly physical auditions



Emerging Artist Competition (EAC) is HITLAB's adaptation of an international talent search and te answer to the growing demand and popularity of televised singing competitions. With EAC, everyone who wants to enter the competition can do so by easily downloading the Free EAC Can-U-Sing app and then submitting a cover of their favorite song for a small fee. We bring the talent competition directly to the consumer via their mobile device, anywhere anytime.



''Building A Better Hit Machine''

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