About Us

Hitlab’s Mission

HITLAB’s mission is to create innovative tools that nurture the connections between brands and their consumers through music. We aim at making talent discovery and fans engagement as intelligent and efficient as possible.

Who We Are

HITLAB: A Digital and Media Entertainment Company

HITLAB is a digital media & entertainment company that is revolutionizing the way cultural content is discovered, produced, and consumed. We use our technology to engage consumers and create strong interactions between consumers and brands. We have well-established national and global relationships with creative professionals, record companies, publishers, executives, producers, managers, media outlets, venues and promoters.
What We Do
HitLab uses its own patented technology to create unique experiences for consumers to interact with brands, bands and artists.
Our innovative tools nurture the connections between brands and their consumers primarily through music.
Competitive Advantage
How we differentiate ourselves
Qualified and passionate team comprised of industry professionals, and world renowned superstar AKON.
Patented and unique technologies supporting mobile applications that are leveraging the current trends to engage millennials.
First mover advantage in world wide mobile application based talent competition.
Hitlab is backed by strong investors both private and institutional who are committed to the vision and success of our company.

Team Members

passionate, dedicated, experienced team

HOME Tomas Gauthier President

Tomas Gauthier, with an extensive background in the field of information technology and over 10 years of experience Mr. Gauthier has developed, operated and deployed various web and mobile products. Prior to joining Hitlab, he worked as a business development consultant for DIAGNOS INC., the firm that gave birth to Hitlab’s DNA artificial intelligence algorithm software. During this period, different deployment opportunities were evaluated for the software. He has extensive experience in web development, web design, user experience, and project management. Mr. Gauthier has a degree in finance from the business administration program at Bishop’s University.

HOME Wiliam Coyle V.P. Mobile Applications Development

Over 15+ years of entrepreneurial experience in the areas of banking, direct sales, marketing, mobile money transfer and mobile application development. Graduated from Loyola High School, John Abbott College (Commerce) and attended Concordia University (eCon) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Has worked with and developed brands such as; TicketPal (mobile ticketing), Hitlab (mobile apps), Merchlar (augmented reality+mobile apps), Electrolux/Aerus (direct sales), Vollara (network marketing), NetShip (eCommerce), Mobi360 (mobile marketing firm), SB Mobile (mobile money transfer) & CIBC (banking+bank mergers).

HOME Jacques Arsenault Chief Financial Officer

Jacques Arsenault is an experienced executive and consultant who for more than 20 years has specialized in the development, restructuring, acquisition, merger and sale of companies and assets in both the public and private arenas. He has also founded and runs his own successful business, Arsenault Business Staging Group, a consultancy which focuses on two main areas; strengthening a company so that the owners will receive the highest possible value and restructuring companies so that they become a model of efficiency with an improved bottom line and strategic position, returning increased value to their shareholders. Over the course of his career he has worked

HOME Christian Roberge V.P. R&D Can-U-Sing

Christian Roberge is a specialist in signal processing. He holds a PhD in image processing: three-dimensional scene recognition, a master of speech recognition and a Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. With more than 25 years of experience in multiple software applications using his signal processing knowledge. He worked in robotic vision in industrial welding environment and in image processing for many different satellites. He worked in classification of forestry images and in the health field for mammography analysis and for retinal disease. He has developed over the years a great expertise in scientific programming. He managed software development teams and has owned scientific consulting and software development companies.

HOME Sammy Eissa V.P. Labels Relations

After majoring in Finance from the John Molson School of Business Samy has developed extensive relationships in industries that he is passionate about; Music, Tech and Finance. With over 8 years in the music industry as a manager and A&R, representing Grammy nominated talent and over 5 years in business development in tech and communications Samy ensures that his clients and partners are well represented by bridging the gap between their goals and their needs. Before Joining Hitlab, Samy was the head of digital content at Unidisc Music, Canada’s largest independent record company and has consulted for various labels and publishers including Universal Canada, Warner Music Group and

HOME Sebastien Lang Technology Officer

Expert in Computer Science, Sebastien is the technical leader of our development team in Montreal. With over 13 years of experience as a technical and development resource from the video games and other software development industry areas, Sebastien acquired advanced skills in the Software Development Lifecycle. Sebastien also provides software architecture and development consulting to multiple companies.