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Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Fulumoa Mafua aka Mo Smoove. I’m a 30yr old Samoan R&B singer who currently resides in Sacramento, Ca with three BEAUTIFUL children and a BEAUTIFUL wife who’s been there for me through my up’s and down’s. I am blessed to have my own studio in my home that I built from the ground up. That is where I made my 1st c.d. It is called “THE FINEST ART”. After you listen to my album you will then understand why I decided to name it that. I put a lot of hard work and dedication and I’m really proud of what I have accomplished on my own. I am now under my own label which is called SMOOVE PRODUCTION. I am in my studio daily, writing my own material. I also write hooks and verses for other artists who inquire. I have several collaborations with up and coming artists. I am currently working on an album with a local rap artist; the album is expected to be finished soon. I make my music one of my top priorities. I will continue to put a lot of hard work into my music.
When I first moved to Sacramento I wanted to become an R&B singer. My family had a thing for singing, especially my older brother who always wanted me to practice New Edition songs with him. I was only 9yrs old at the time. I moved from the beautiful island of SAMOA where I never would have known anything about wanting to sing. My brother was my motivation. Going to church every Sunday was a big thing to me because that’s all I did at church was sing and I loved it. As I grew older I knew singing was my life. My cousins , THE POLY TRIBE wanted me to sing with them. Being the youngest out of the bunch made me the lead singer with a strong voice like no other. That’s how my career started.

Through out my career I’ve accomplished hooks for BROTHA LYNCH HUNG & MR. DOCTOR .I have songs with MORENO RECORDS. Also I have a song called “SUMMER 916”with SANQUINN.I made two hit c.d’s with a group called THE HARDHITTERS also a few video’s that played on you tube & channel 18 Sacramento Access. I also have songs that represent my Island culture with VACANO, AIGA RECORDS, P.CUZ, TS THA GOUGH BOI, POOKA T and CHUCCY1 DA CHIEF.
One of my many goals is to be the BEST in this music career and what I do as an R&B singer. Another one of my goals is to produce many albums that showcase my different styles of music. I’m also looking forward to having a great team on my side that has the same love and passion for music as me. I want my music to be heard around the world for the people to listen to it so that they may vibe to it, dance to it, cry to it, and overall just love it.
Thank you for your time. I hope you have an understanding of who I am and a little of what I do. I hope you enjoy listening to “The Finest Art”.

Sincerely ,
Mo Smoove

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