FanLab is a fan engagement and discovery tool

What is FanLab?

Today’s participating consumer wants to be part of the process, they want to influence the decision, and they want these efforts to be noticed and rewarded. The FanLab App is designed to engage fans, to give them a voice, to involve them in the process, to make them the marketer and to ultimately reward them with things that they want and can’t get anywhere else.

Fanlab is a fan engagement platform that creates a direct link between brands and their fans in an organic and fun way. Fanlab users earn points for every action they complete in the support of their favourite brands. As fans accumulate points, they have the opportunity to use those points to make purchases and win major prizes. Creating a social game related to a brand allows stakeholders to collect and own actionable fan data with the goal of converting fans into consumers.

Fanlab empowers brands to engage supporters, gain a deeper understanding of behaviour, and subsequently increase consumption. Fanlab tracks and aggregates user data from the initial marketing campaign to the point of purchase, giving brands a true picture of the success of their campaigns and an unprecedented edge for future endeavours.