Licensing & White Label

Hitlab's products may be Licensed and White Labeled

All of our software and mobile applications can be white-labeled and or licensed to brands for their own specific purposes. Listed below are a few examples of a white-label / licensing deal we would offer to brands:

  • FanLab App: can be white-labeled for major brands, example would be AT&T Samsung Emerging Artist Competition wants their own version of FanLab for Fan engagement and voting purposes, as well as to track all the data.
  • Digital Nuance Analysis (DNA): any record label would love to have a license to use DNA as a screening filter to weed out the bad songs and focus their time and effort on only the “cream of the crop”.
  • Emerging Artist Competition (EAC) & Can-U-Sing App: can be white-labeled for say for a TV Show like American idol and used a tool to find new talented emerging artists.