Picture Fada Dougou
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Tabousi Hip Hop / R&B N/A 94 Share
Fraudulent Hip Hop / R&B N/A 84 Share
Never Hip Hop / R&B N/A 57 Share
Get_Out_Of_My_Way Hip Hop / R&B N/A 39 Share
Fake_Ass_Rastas Hip Hop / R&B N/A 37 Share
Shake Hip Hop / R&B N/A 31 Share
Freedom Hip Hop / R&B N/A 29 Share
Profit Song Hip Hop / R&B N/A 29 Share
8 Tracks 1


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Fada Dougou


A Man of great Music skills. A Man that has done what no Man has attempt to do before when it comes to music. People wonder how he does so many styles so well.

Being Western African/Native American and raised in the USA, Fada mastered the 12 music skills growing up on the s......


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