Tap the power of Video Over IP

Hitlab Media is establishing itself as a broadcast-as-a-service facilitator, providing networks, and content creators new opportunities to reach local audience and market through Subscription or Transactional Video on Demand (SVOD, TVOD).

Offer your library of content (movies, series), live streaming of programmes, special and live events like concerts or sport events.  

Several ways Hitlab Media can help you.

If you are a content creator, producer or distributor, Hitlab Media can help you air your content through one of our VOD media broadcast enterprise.

If you are a production provider (TV network, production company, over-the-air broadcaster), or a private venue network buying and showing contents (movie theatres, hotels, cable), Hitlab Media can work with you and establish your own VOD broadcast service.


For any inquiry regarding broadcasting or establishing your own VOD service, contact us through our contact form.

Our main broadcast activity

South-American SVOD Channel

Partnership : SVOD, Sports, Original content

Hitlab Media is co-jointly launching a Sports & Original content Subscription Video on Demand channel (SVOD) with Publicationes Digitales. 


Header image Photo from Unripe Content