Hitlab Inc. is a digital media company with patented artificial intelligence algorithms designed for the entertainment industry. 

The company operates in numerous verticals, blending the: digital music, mobile app, and social gaming industries to serve artists as they strive to be heard and succeed, and to provide major brands with powerful tools to engage consumers through music.
In this growing and dynamic landscape, strategic partnerships with The Grammy's and Boston Red Sox place Hitlab in prime position to be a market leader.
Dynamic Hit Scoring, a patented technology serves as a pillar for the music discovery segment of the business, dynamically comparing and scoring songs against established hits. The technology can also analyze a singer's performance and provide a detailed score based on multiple criteria such as melodic precision.  
This technology will be utilized to power TV Shows through singing contests that provide tremendous promotional coverage where Hitlab's CanUSing and FanLab mobile apps will be used to efficiently gather users' renditions, filter the best among thousands of submissions, and engage fans. 

HITLAB has already conducted several music contests in partnership with major brands, one of which is the Sing your Way to Fenway contest in partnership with the Boston Red Sox. The CanUSing app was used by users to submit their renditions and the winner got to sing at Fenway park in front of thousands of Baseball fans. Such contests successfully proved that the developed technology works and guarantees expected results. 
HITLAB also intends to reshape an area of music that is particularly struggling today – distribution. With drastically fewer people paying for music, the old broken models needs to be rethought. One of the tools that help in achieving this goal is the FanLab mobile app a social interaction and advanced gamification app that turns fans into ambassadors rewarding them in every step of the process.