The Hitlab Music Digital Nuance Analysis (DNA) tool is a patented technology that can predict the success potential of new unknown song. How Does it Work? The human brain is wired in a certain way, to appreciate certain sound patterns classified as musical attributes. Each genre of music has songs that have succeeded and failed in the past. Essentially, DNA uses this historical database of millions of successful and unsuccessful songs to identify the common sound patterns present in the successful songs of each genre. This is applied to all genres of music and based on the top 100 billboard hits of the past 10 years.


The DNA tool can be used to filter through millions of songs (at the same time) and find the ones with the most likeability potential for the identified target market. DNA can also be used as a guide for Music production or an artificially intelligent recommendation engine. DNA is the perfect tool for Artists, Producers and Record Labels.

Digital Nuance Analysis is at the core of our suite of tools