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HITLAB and DAKIA sign a licensing agreement to launch HITLAB’s digital products


HITLAB and DAKIA sign a licensing agreement to launch HITLAB’s digital products

Los Angeles, California / Montreal, Quebec, December 2, 2019 - Hitlab Inc. (HITLAB)is pleased to announce the formal signature of a long-term and exclusive licensing agreement with DAKIA Digital (DAKIA), subsidiary of Dakia Global Enterprise (DAKIA GLOBAL). DAKIA GLOBALrecently teamed with the world leader in music-based entertainment, Universal Music Group (UMG)to develop a new music-focused experiential hospitality category, which will include the development of premiere hospitality, lifestyle membership club, live entertainment and next-generation retail, creating branded partnerships and fan engagement opportunities.

The licensing agreement provides that DAKIA will undertake the commercialization of HITLAB’s digital proprietary technologies for music and voice discovery, Can-U-Sing (CUS) and Dynamic Music Analysis (DNA),within the music industry and the hospitality properties DAKIA is developing.

HITLAB’s digital properties are linking artists, bands and brands with their audience. HITLAB utilizes its patented technology, leverages human capital, and applies extensive industry experience to achieve the lowest cost of client acquisition and the highest rates of consumer engagement. The DNAtool is a patented technology that can predict the potential success of new and unknown songs and recommend playlists to music lovers. The platform extracts the DNA of a song (which consists of 83 attributes) in order to provide meaningful statistical data used by the entertainment industry for a myriad of purposes. The CUS application is a vocal scoring mobile application that allows aspiring singers to test their singing skills from the palm of their hand. The CUS app allows users to sing well-known songs and see how well their version compares to the original version by the A-list artist.

“The partnership with DAKIA will open international market-driven scopes to HITLAB global endeavours”, said Michel Zgarka, President of HITLAB. ‘We are extremely excited to be able to provide proprietary technologies that can revolutionize the way labels and artists interact with their fan base, as well as the discovery process of new talent. Furthermore, ourtechnologies have the possibility to be integrated in different segments of the entertainment industry and we are looking forward to explore the TV market as well, as HITLAB develops international properties for both the theatrical and broadcast media.’

Rob Gonda, CEO of DAKIA Digital, said the new platforms supported by HITLAB’s proprietary technologies are presenting fresh opportunities to the overall music entertainment industries. ‘At DAKIA, just like at HITLAB, we bring together the best creative talents to forge global partnerships and meet the ever-growing demand of the industry,” said Gonda. “Our partnership with HITLAB is a step forward in that direction as we are aligned their strategic vision – to invest heavily in AI-based technologies, create original formats, and bringing a new way of connecting the entertainment industry to their end consumers.’

About Hitlab Inc.

Hitlab Inc. (www.hitlab.com)is a patented and patent-pending technology development company, as well as a digital media & entertainment enterprise that is revolutionizing the way cultural content is discovered, produced, and consumed. The company has well-established national and global relationships with creative professionals, record companies, publishers, executives, producers, managers, media outlets, venues and promoters. Hitlab uses its technology to engage consumers and create strong interactions between consumers and brands, thus changing numerous areas of the entertainment world with its proprietary algorithms. Hitlab’s ecosystem represents a disruptive network of technologies which connects artists, fans, and consumers using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Tokenization, Data Driven Strategy and a fully Gamified and Secured Multimedia Environment dedicated to the entertainment industry.

About Dakia Digital

Dakia Digital (www.dakiadigital.com)is a subsidiary of Dakia Global Enterprise, an Impact Investment Management Holding Company, with an overall focus on investing and curating purpose-driven entities. The company incubates and capitalizes each entity, designs a compelling business model, incorporates best-in-class strategic partners, and enhances value to create a win-win for all stakeholders. Dakia primarily focuses on experiential and immersive hospitality, emerging technologies, next-generation retail, while bridging them with life sciences and exponential impact to enable a thriving society.

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