Series, Formats, and Feature Films.

HITLAB Media develops, produces and distributes Original productions stemming both from its own creative team as well from international joint-ventures. From scripted prime-time dramas to feature films to formats and/or non-scripted properties, Hitlab Media is ready and willing to be part of the global needs of excellence in programming.

HITLAB Media only focuses on properties with an international sales potential. We also use, whenever possible, our own patented AI technology and create integration of these technologies within each property. By creating, with Joint-ventures partners, our own SVOD platforms we also insure visibility for each property.

You have a concept in mind? We're ready to hear from you

We are "Open for business" and encourage talent, production entities, local broadcasters and the education sector to contact us. We will always respond and collaborate in audience -driven properties.

Integrate AI to your next concept

Make AI a friendly integral part of your next asset. Send us a concept to be co-developed or hire us to develop a new concept integrating AI.

Some of our current Productions


TV, Drama, Scripted

An international television series concept driven by human preoccupation with Signs of the Horoscope and their influence on fate, power, money, greed, and relationships  

Signs-Title card.png

Views of the World

Various media, Docu, Scripted format

Travel/Lifestyle Series for international & national broadcasters on every possible platform. The main « character » of each episode will be an hotel which represents the high architectural, cultural  and historical  for its city. VoW will present the impact of cultural activities on global tourism in the featured area.

Views of the World-Title Card.png

Singing Wiseguys

Feature, Gangster + legal drama, Biopic

Nobody likes a snitch, except the FBI… Until they don’t.

Joey “nose” Barone joined the NYC mafia following his father’s wishes, but when the mafia turned on his father, Barone came to FBI agent Vincent Presutti and offered to become an informant, which was music to his ears. Becoming what is considered the most prolific C.I. on the mafia is not without danger, and the enemies aren’t all on the side you’re watching.



Header image Photo by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash; Wiseguy image from Pixabay