More than simple apps

HitLab uses its own patented technology to create unique experiences for consumers to interact with productions, brands, artists and bands. Our innovative tools nurture the connections between brands and their consumers primarily through entertainment music and broadcasts.

Those technologies allows Hitlab Media to offer a next-level added value throughout their activities.

Our Technology Products

Can U Sing

App, Performance analysis

Phone app and back-end technology used to evaluates important elements of a singing voice including the pitch, tempo, melisma and vibrato. Automatically funnel large scale singing competition's performances to an audition shortlist selection.

Can u sing_mockup.PNG


Software, analysis

Digital Nuance Analytics (DNA) scientifically identifies sound patterns to predict the potential success of new and undiscovered original songs. Filter through millions of songs simultaneously and find the ones with the most likeability potential for the identified target market. DNA is the perfect tool for Artists, Producers and Record Labels


Software, analysis, social media

in-depth analytics to brands, empowering them to better understand fans all while rewarding fans with exciting prizes.


DNA image from Max Pixels.